Virginia Psychoanalytic Society Officers Directory


Kathleen Dring, JD, PsyD

President Elect

Aileen Kim, MD


David Epstein, PsyD


Sheorn Keyhill, M.D.

FIPA-Counciler to the APsaA

Janet Schiff, LCSW

Member at Large

Norman M. Camp, M.D., F.I.P.A.

Virginia Psychoanalytic Society Committee Chairs

Program Chair

Jerome S Blackman, MD

Membership Chair

John Russell, M.D.

Chair, CEU’s for Psychologists

Margaret DuVall, M.D.

Chair, CME’s for physicians

Eli Zaller, M.D.

Chair, Website Committee

Kathleen Dring, J.D., PsyD

Director of CEU’s for Social Workers, Councilor to ApsaA

Susan Stones, LCSW, F.I.P.A