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Dr Blackman with Hai Tao and Yan Shilu , (2 of about 95 students) with their certificates after 5 days of training w Dr. Blackman in Shanghai through Xin Meng. May1, 2018

Dr. Blackman with students in Shanghai web

Dr. Kathleen Dring, PsyD, President, VPsaS at the Annual Meeting in Williamsburg, Va.

Dr. Kathleen Dring Annual Meeting 2018 Williamsburg VA

VPsaS Members Make Presentations at the APsaA 2017 National Meeting held in New York January 18-22, 2017

Susan Hobbs Stones, MSSW, LCSW, FIPA presented on Psychosomatic Elements  of Compulsive Overeating: An American Dilemma at the Discussion Group on the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Patients with Psychosomatic Symptoms.

Fonya Lord Helm, PhD, ABPP and Maurine Kelly, PhD, FIPA  presented Altered States of Awareness. Both are members of the Contemporary Freudian Society. Their discussion focused on reported near death experiences occurring during cardiac arrest and other life threatening experiences.

Dr Jerome Blackman,Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at EVMS (in Cornell doctoral regalia), with his friend, Dr Colm Whelan, Professor and past Chair of Physics at ODU (in his Cambridge DSc regalia) before the faculty March at ODU graduation ceremony in December 2016.

Dr Keyhill Sheorn, president of vpsas, giving coveted vpsas mug to Dr Glen Gabbard.

Dr John Andrew Van Slyke, DFAPA, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst member of vpsas, receives his Captain’s shoulder board from his father and family, Sept 2, 2016 at NavMedCenter-Portsmouth.

Dr Jerome Blackman with Dr Vamik Volkan, at reception at Waldorf – Astoria just after Dr Volkan received the Sigourney Award, the highest honor given by the American Psychoanalytic Association

Dr Jerome Blackman, Psychoanalyst-Member of vpsas, with Miller Kerr, MD, graduating psychiatry resident, after receiving Clinical Faculty Teaching Award at Eastern Va Med School, Jun 2016.

April 20th Meeting Photos

November 17th Meeting Photos